My Team

Seated in front (L-R) - Varun Bansal (Q&A/Testing), Preeti Srivastava (Web Designer), Divya Malhotra (Design Services)

Standing (L-R) - Shekhar Madnawat (ROR Backend Developer), Manish Pandey (Design Services), Gaurav Soin (Marketing Manager), Kaustubh Mani Tripathi (Business Analyst), Uday Pratap Singh (IoS Developer), Suresh Patel ( IoS Developer), Arvind Monie (Sole Proprietor), Keshav Kumar (Android Developer), Abhishekh Kumar (ROR Backend Developer), Amarendra Jha (Android Developer), Rahul Pakhre (ROR Backend Developer)

Not in Picture: Shobhit Saxena (Marketing), Utkarsh Dwivedi (ROR Backend Developer)

Being the only person running my business, I needed an execution vendors who I could rely on to turn my dream of delivering superior value and experience into realty. After a rigorous process of shortlisting 3 vendors, I selected Mobiloitte ( based on their past experience and vision they shared about my app.

Mobiloitte showed strong competencies in scoping out the concept, developing wire frames and screen designing as well as writing a detailed functional document. There also came a critical juncture during scoping where I took a decision to include a social angle to the application on the advice of the marketing manager. This I strongly believe to have substantially enhanced the appeal on the application. After these key knowledge assets were created, they were transferred to a team of dedicated developers to start development work.

I was given a functional release in record time after which the concerned developers proactively arranged a call on Skype to take feedback and implement my suggestions. Several excellent suggestions were also put across from the team which will help in the future monitization of the App. This really showed that they considered it their product too.

I started off this process alone, but now I am proud to have been associated with a team of 15 people who are now totally entrenched with my idea and believe that we can be successful together.

I would also like to make a special mention of Flexsin ( and Mypromovideos ( who have helped me with with my marketing efforts and production of my video.

Thank you all for your commitment
Arvind Monie